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Popular Fish Games
My Dolphin ShowAzureFish
Big TeethSydney Shark
Paranormal Shark ActivitiesStar Splash
Fish Games
Zippy Fish Zippy Fish
Eat the smaller fish and grow bigger as you zip across the waters.
Deep and Blue Deep and Blue
A nice Point and Click game with fun puzzle elements.
Archie Archie
Score as many points as you can as you try to get Archie get through all the 50 levels.
The Little Octopuses The Little Octopuses
Help the octopus blend into the surroundings to avoid getting caught. Use the mouse to dra...
Fishing Games
Fisher Diver Fisher Diver
Kill fish and other sea creatures, earn money selling them, buy upgrades and go for more f...
Blow Fishing Blow Fishing
Use the dynamites to go fishing. Collect the dead fish before the birds get to it.
Fisher Hunter 2 Fisher Hunter 2
With the popularity of Fish hunter 1 now we have fish hunter 2 .Enjoy playing this game.
Bear Fishing Bear Fishing
Shot fishes for your clubs but do not use too much fire ball as it is limited.
Fish Tank Games
Woot Fish Woot Fish
Help your fish to reach the water. Don't bump on the wall or you will have to start o...
Insane Aquarium Insane Aquarium
You are a fish in an aquarium. What makes this aquarium insane is the fact that the fishes...
Japanese Fishing Japanese Fishing
Here you have to catch the fishes fronm the tank and put them in a smaller tank.
Robotic Fish Robotic Fish
In this game you have to eat smaller fishes to grow . Avoid the bigger fishes or you will ...
Shark Games
New York Shark New York Shark
Play as an enraged shark taking down boats, helicopters, buildings, people and even the mi...
Shark Shark
There is a war going on between the sharks and the evil crabs. Help the sharks to win the ...
Sydney Shark Sydney Shark
In this game you have to kill all the people. Be the killer shark.
Miami Shark Miami Shark
The city of Miami is being destroyed by sharks.
Whale Games
Artic Artic
Help the artic Boat to avoid the ice bergs.
Flipped Out Flipped Out
The wave has brought this whale to the shore. Flip it towards the inland.
The Killer Whale The Killer Whale
Orga has been held captive for many years. Now he wants to be free. Help him to escape.
Moby Dick The Video Game Moby Dick The Video Game
You are a big whale and all big whales have to eat a lot. eat whatever moves but don'...
Dolphin Games
Star Splash Star Splash
Here you have to collect all the coins with your dolphin. Use the arrow keys to play this ...
Get Flippy Get Flippy
You have to shoot flippy. Target the dolphins and not the ship.
Dolphin Olympics Dolphin Olympics
Dolphin are known for their intelligence. Perform cool tricks as a dolphin in this game.
My Dolphin Show My Dolphin Show
You are the dolphin and you have to entertain the people to keep the trainer happy.
Water Games
Lin Chung vs The Penguins. Lin Chung vs The Penguins.
Help Lin Chung to defeat the King Penguins. The King Penguin is reportedly bullying the ot...
Little Liquidator Little Liquidator
Avoid the vicious attackers underwater and use your acidic squirt to keep them away as you...
Water Werk Water Werk
Get the bob safely to the other side with the help of a hose.
Milaege Ace Milaege Ace
Milaege ace is an amazing game where you need drops of water to stay in the sky and travel...
Diving Games
Penguin Diver Penguin Diver
Help your penguin to dive. Just press space to dive.
Diver Duck Diver Duck
Click the mouse to dive and keep holding it. Collect the coins to buy food.
Bukkeritt 29 Bukkeritt 29
Diving with a reindeer is not easy. You have to press space to start the game. Press space...
Belly Flop Hero Belly Flop Hero
Try to create the biggest splash. The bigger the splash the money you will get.

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04. My Dolphin Show - 7
05. Little Liquidator - 7
06. Fishing Time 2 - 7
07. Fishing Master - 7
08. Bear Fishing - 7
09. Inferno - 7
10. Pirates Vs Ninjas - 7
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